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My Digital Learning Site provides a place on the Internet where teachers and students can create dynamic educational web sites that support teaching and learning in the cloud computing age.

Teachers and students face an exciting digital future. MYDLS provides an easy way to organise digital resources, share information with others, and present teaching and learning materials in an engaging way. My Digital Learning Site aims to provide teachers and students with an affordable, secure and easy to use Internet learning community.

My Digital Learning Sites are password protected. This allows teachers and students to decide who views their work and when. MYDLS sites provide dynamic content that can be instantly edited from Internet browsers. Our sites only require a compatible web browser and an Internet connection. No additional software is required.

  • Teachers and students can share resources at school and at home.
  • My Digital Learning Sites provide teachers with a way to organise and present digital content when using Interactive Whiteboards.
  • All sites are password protected with varying levels of access.
  • Schools don't need to maintain costly servers or manage user accounts.
  • Teachers and students can store their work in a well-organised and secure environment.
  • My Digital Learning Sites grow with the user and can be used for many years in any location with an Internet connection.
  • My Digital Learning Sites require minimal training time.
  • My Digital Learning Site users do not need to purchase expensive software packages. This ensures greater equity for all users.
  • My Digital Learning Sites travel with users. They can be used in any state and in any education system.

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My Digital Learning Site is undergoing an upgrade. No new sites will not be available until the upgrade is completed. Existing sites are working, however, occasional disruptions to service may occur.

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